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Other products supplied by Cementaid (UK) Limited

Whilst Everdure Caltite makes properly compacted concrete effectively damp-proof, there are other products that are needed as part of the Everdure Caltite System to ensure you end up with fully waterproofed concrete, many of which are referred to in the Caltite brochure downloadable from this site. Of course, these products can be purchased from Cementaid for use on projects that do not involve the use of Everdure Caltite.

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Sealing of tie-bolt holes used to secure the formwork in place during the placement of the concrete and until the concrete has gained sufficient strength to be completely self supporting so that the formwork can be safely removed. One cannot over-stress the need to properly seal tie-bolt holes as incorrectly filled holes will leak. The CalSealed system is simple to use, quick, secure, visibly checkable and economic. There are two sizes available to fit internal tube diameters of 22mm and 26mm.

Calplug Mortar
This is a waterproof mortar compatible with Caltite which is used as a small-area repair mortar, such as in waterproofing around service penetrations or with the CalSealed system for rendering over the plugs to provide a fair faced finish to the concrete.