Everdure Caltite

The Everdure Caltite System is a time-proven, practical system which produces damp-proof, highly durable field concrete which eliminates the need for membranes or other methods of waterproofing. Everdure Caltite has a successful track record of over 60 years helping designers and owners waterproof and protect concrete structures, even under the most aggressive field conditions.

Everdure Caltite concrete is used in:

  • Basements, tunnels and other below ground structures
  • Swimming pools, ornamental pools, salt water aquariums and water tanks
  • Hygienic environments (i.e. hospitals, abattoirs & food processing plants)
  • Sewage treatment and industrial applications
  • Salt and marine environments
  • Acidic environments

The Everdure Caltite System, apart from using Everdure Caltite in the concrete, includes the following:

  • We like to get involved as early as possible in the waterproofing design of projects so that we can comment on suitability and appropriate use of the product and, where requested, produce site specific details;
  • We arrange a pre-start meeting with the concrete contractor, and any other interested parties who wish to attend, to discuss the proposed works and iron out any issues or problems encountered;
  • For every placement of concrete containing Everdure Caltite we attend the concrete batch plant to ensure the correct addition of Everdure Caltite to the concrete. In addition, we attend the construction site to record the details of the concrete placing and to be on hand should any issues arise;
  • As requested, we will take responsibility for the filling of tie-bolt holes and waterproofing around service penetrations and will carry out works accordingly;
  • Following completion of the works incorporating Everdure Caltite, we carry out a final inspection to identify any visible defects that require rectification and arrange for repairs to be done where covered under our guarantee;
  • Once all works are complete, we issue our 20-year waterproofing guarantee to the concrete contractor.

We are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and Everdure Caltite holds BBA certification 93/2888 and is CE marked under the Construction Products Regulation.

Declaration of performance as required by the EU Construction Products Regulation.